Protecting What Matters Most




Coverage by Julie is a full service Insurance Agency and is headquartered in Gilbert, Pennsylvania. Whether its your protecting your business or your family, Venezuela Insurance is here for you.


Selling is an art, train as an artist! 

Sales on Stage applies acting techniques to help agents get out of their comfort zone for maximum sales potential.  A fun, interactive and unique professional development training for managers, trainers, recruiters and the agents they serve.



Julie Valenzuela

As the owner of The Valenzuela Agency, Julie comes to the world of insurance with a professional  background in the Arts and Education, focusing on client relationship and coverages that make sense for all personal, business and life insurance needs. With over 5 years in the industry and her experience as mother, wife and business owner, Julie's expertise comes from the heart in protecting what matter's most. She does not wear khakis and applies a refreshing approach on family and business protection.


Clients Recommend

Megan D.

"Julie is knowledgeable and caring. She understands and gets what is important for an individual, family or business. You will not regret choosing Julie Valenzuela Farmers Insurance."

Michelle B.

"Julie was a pleasure to work with! Made my transition so easy and saved me quite a bit of money. She totally reviewed my policy with me and made it very easy to understand! Let Julie look over your current business policy or home I’m sure you will be surprised at how much you save! "

Gery R.

"Valenzuela Farmers Agency, This group of ladies make it easy to cover what ever you value, even for us guys. It’s a one stop shop. Farmers, you got it right with this agency."