Professional Development

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Professional Development Offerings:

A Taste of Improv

Awaken your creativity, lose your inhibitions and focus on the solutions that will get you out of your shell and on top of the sales charts. Has your business gotten stale? Are you having trouble gaining momentum in your career? Are you holding back from truly connecting with your current and future clients? Are you sick of the boring old staff meeting? This introduction to the acting practice known as “improv” will have your wheels turning in active participation that stretches your mind while connecting (and hopefully laughing) with your peers and colleagues.


A Taste of Improv will touch on the following topics:

  • Finding Yourself as an Agent - Use who you are to get what you want

  • Just Say “Yes”- focus on finding opportunity in every situation

  • Listen, React, Connect - Become more than your khakis

  • Creative Problem Solving - Finding a solution every time

  • Objections and Rejections - its not a “NO” it’s “not right now”

  • The Magical I f- opening doors to what you want to achieve

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Let’s Role Play

At some point in every sales career, a manger has tried to role play with you. Not that kind of role play! Situational role play that is. What do you say? What do you do? How do you overcome objections and insecurities to convert the sale or keep the client happy? Sales on stage brings in trained actors to be the client, while the managers can coach, by stopping and starting the scene and providing feedback. A fun, interactive way to keep agents engaged and thinking collaboratively. Depending on the needs of the agency, characters can be created on demand.


Below are the some of the many characters available to come alive in your office:

  • “Low LIMITS” Lisa

  • “Why did my RATES go up” Rita

  • “Service NIGHTMARE” Nancy

  • “I don’t need LIFE insurance” Larry

  • “I won’t show you my PREMIUMS” Paul


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Guest Speaking Opportunities:

Artist, Educator, Insurance Professional. Julie Valenzuela speaks of how The Insurance Industry found her.


Using her past experiences in the classroom and on stage, Julie will make her presentation come alive as she takes her audience on a journey through agency ownership.


Through song and theatrics, guests will  experience her struggles, triumphs and aspirations as a female business owner who does not wear khakis and continues to create her own path to success in sales.


Other presentations include..

  • Selling Life Insurance to Your Warm Market

  • Are you Willing: A Taste of Improv for the Sales Professional